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Month: July 2010

  • whut?

    he raised his hand for a handshake, “Hi, ako nga pala si *insert firstname, middle initial, lastname.*” i took his hand, looking oddly at him, “Yan.” pota ang weird.  but i remember him, he was wearing glasses in his ID picture, i saw it, i noticed it. why am i such a sucker for bespectacled…

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  • ayoko na, ayoko na talaga grrrrrrr

    Lord, i did ask you to show me the right man after i graduate, but it doesn’t mean i have to bank on the wrong guys right now. Lord, penge na kasing boypren. HAHAHA e kasi po naiinggit ako sa kanila. sila may love life ako wala! puro ilusyon! puro asa! puro crush!!! >:P Lord…

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  • sorry sorry sorry

    so there’s this guy who constantly gives me BVs because of his, uhm, arrogance. he’s a good friend and i admire him for his visions, missions, goals and objectives (VMGO lol) in life, though at times they sound impossible. he’s a pretty smart guy, and probably a sensible one had i not been too prejudiced…

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  • ajgfshdaSXAWEHQHAasadscf!!!!

    from now on, i’m going to try to write properly. like, chronologically and without bullets.  so how was this day? it started out fine, got to work, and did an extra hour to compensate for my absence last saturday. lunch hit, ate with saycee and chamel then went in line at the cashier to pay…

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  • lutang!

    JM posted on my wall. @_@ that kinda made my day. no, it actually made my entire uhhmm 2 days! i dunno, he’s too cool. we’re getting closer i guess and it feels awkward. and i think it’s because i still have a crush on him so err, how do i explain this? i panic…

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  • then and now

    first pic was during my first (or second?) piano recital at UP abelardo hall, i was grade 2 (or grade 3?) hehe i don’t remember. next pic was JUST A PHOTO OP at Makati Shang during my mom’s awarding. note that i don’t play that much anymore. i missed playing the piano, seriously. haaaaay MIDTERMS…

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