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Month: July 2010

  • commitment phobia

    i thought i’m just afraid of getting into a relationship. but i realized, any form of attachment scares me as well. i don’t just accept responsibilities as they are. it’s the fear of screwing up that’s screwing me today. you know what, sometimes i feel like i can live on my own, without my parent’s…

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  • — so yesterday, i excused myself from work to attend my mom’s awarding at makati shang. i commuted from home and had only ice breaker for lunch. oh, i also went down at the wrong mrt station — buendia — supposed to be ayala haha. they were both undergound, so i got confused. i wasn’t…


  • nyay akala ko wala na >XD

    — i have never felt this special, as a friend. after an hour on the phone she said it’s okay if she loses all her friends, as long as she has me. awww nakakatouch. i couldn’t possibly say the same cos i never looked into the possibility of losing all my friends (and i never…

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