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Month: December 2007

  • i'm not sure what to say (weh)

    @ ADVANCED HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEACHY!!!!her debut celebration was held yesterday at the acropolis greens clubhouse. when i entered the subdivision, i immediately made a vow that one day, i will own a lot in this place. i was overwhelmed! the houses are big and the location is perfect (it’s in libis). what more can i…

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  • stolen!

    i stole this from a friend’s multiply. hehe fun!what to do: go to google and type in “[your name] likes to”, “[your name] loves”, “[your name] hates” … including the quotations marks, okaaay? then it’s just a matter of listing them down… like this Likes:1. Arianne likes to play music on her instruments, dance and…

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  • too young and stupid

    i suck in putting titles to my entries. >__>anyway, today is december 5…. tomorrow is my best friend’s birthday (peachy!!!!). awhile ago we had a general assembly, it was fun, as usual… i don’t get tired of just hearing them joke around. lol, not that we’re wasting time with foolish things… we’re just having fun.…

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  • bakit nga ba ako nandito?

    ang storya sa likod ng aking pagiging estudyante ng department of chemical engineering. na lubos kong isinusumpa.sa application form: first choice: UP dilimancourse1: journalismcourse2: business mgt second choice: UP Los Banoscourse1: communication artscourse2: economics haaaaa?bumagsak ako. technically, yes. dahil pinadalhan ako ng rejection letter ng UP kung saan nakasulat at aking UPG. 2.25 ata and…

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  • whiskywhisk

    i’ve been whisking a cup of egg white with a fork for quite a while now. >__> i’m trying to get to that creamy goodness… manually. T___T; huhuhu, my arms hurt. i’m making an experimental coffee mousse by the way. bwahahahaha, and because we don’t have high-tech baking tools (like an electric whisking machine)… hafta…

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