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i stole this from a friend’s multiply. hehe fun!
what to do: go to google and type in “[your name] likes to”, “[your name] loves”, “[your name] hates” … including the quotations marks, okaaay? then it’s just a matter of listing them down… like this

1. Arianne likes to play music on her instruments, dance and sew.
2. Arianne likes to joke.
3. Arianne likes to play darts.
4. Arianne likes to relate to vaginas!?!? (lol. that’s exactly how it’s written in google!)
5. Arianne likes to dress like a slut so she wore a lingerie basque and stockings for this video shoot. (o_O)

1. Arianne loves to taunt.
2. Arianne loves being a baby-wearer and natural remedy extraordinaire. (a what?)
3. Arianne loves the song Drift Away.
4. Arianne loves the Air Pogo.
5. Arianne loves to say “ibang level!”. (haha)
6. Arianne loves domineering men, and having such a hot brunette dominate him was also a pleasure for him. (exactly. the last word is HIM. lol)

1. Arianne hates that stuff but it gets her to calm down when she’s in a lot of pain.
2. Arianne, hates me.
3. Arianne hates: Losers.
4. Arianne hates chaos and pandemonium.

kay, kay, just that. 🙂