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too young and stupid

i suck in putting titles to my entries. >__>
anyway, today is december 5…. tomorrow is my best friend’s birthday (peachy!!!!). awhile ago we had a general assembly, it was fun, as usual… i don’t get tired of just hearing them joke around. lol, not that we’re wasting time with foolish things… we’re just having fun. hahaha, laughter has to be maintained for a lifetime.

it was also awhile ago that i had someone report to me. i swear, i was in a fury. i simply hated his guts, his towering self-confidence (and to think he told me he still lacks it!). kupalan ito!! keyword: hated. i think my, err, hatred towards him is fading away. i hope he changes. it’s for the better anyway.

ever since my VERY first cheering practice, every step i make is a struggle, especialy with steps and stairs. fuck. and by far, i cannot remember a single step since that night. hahahaha.

so hopefully, tomorrow would be a great day. i’m looking forward to an extended swimming time and a postponed history2 class. hahahaha

hahaha, crush talk nanaman.

they’re both my brods. 🙂

anyhow, we have an applicant who looks like Lewis from Meet the Robinsons. at first i actually think he looks like harry potter (well, you’ll always get that from me. get your hair down and wear glasses and you’ll look like harry potter for me) but then i think he resembles Lewis more… in a less cartoony way.

note: he’s not my crush.
keynote from above: they’re both my brods (my 2 crushes). he isn’t my brod yet, but we’ll see about that.

it seems like i never really run out of crushes. 🙂 hahaha they’re much better than having a boyfriend… i guess. hahahaha i don’t know. i’m too young and stupid.