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[Review] Amazfit GTS 4 Mini Smart watch

[Review] Amazfit GTS 4 Mini Smart watch


Here’s a review of the Amazfit GTS 4 Mini smartwatch which I recently got myself!

By the way, a video version is uploaded on YouTube… and this blog is basically a transcript of it 😉. Enjoy!

Price and availability

First things first – the price and where I bought it. I’m based in the Philippines and I got this from Digital Walker for ₱5,190 and that’s from a physical store on regular price. It’s cheaper on Shopee or Lazada, but only by 1-200 pesos. The white variant has been out of stock for a while so I decided to personally look for it on physical stores.

My favorite features

I’m not gonna delve so much about the specs. You can do that yourself by going to the Amazfit website, it’s super complete over there.

✱ First of all I love how it looks. I originally wanted the Apple Watch SE which is exactly the same size (40mm). But after learning about its dismal battery like (daily charging wtf?!) I decided to give it up and look for alternatives.

✱ The battery on this thing lasts me 2 freaking weeks! My Fitbit Inspire 2 only lasts a week and it’s not even that smart. I’m really impressed.

✱ So many cute watch faces to choose from. It was enjoyable trying out the many options available on the Zepp app and figuring out what works for you. For a while I used this classic skin…

But I got annoyed at how the clock hands cover the step counter. And how the battery meter zeroes at the top. It’s cute but I’m OC about a bunch of things haha. So eventually I settled for this one because it’s simple and has all the info I need:

✱ It has a Sleep Tracking feature, which gives the same information as my Fitbit so I’m not surprised.

✱ It has a Camera Remote which is lovely. Turns my watch into a bluetooth remote to make great group photos on tripod.

✱ Perhaps my favorite feature is Find my phone because I use it a lot!

✱ It has 126 sports mode which is insane but I love how it will make your activity tracking more specific. I don’t know how in depth the data being collected is per sport, cos honestly what are you gonna measure when you choose chess? Cos there’s chess, board games, e-sports, zumba, etc. And maybe they’ll just get your heart rate but I don’t know how its gonna look on the report. Anyway, I haven’t really tried any of those.

But I did swim.

And I love the swim tracking!

✱ Water resistant – I did a swim test!

Swimming is one of my favorite sports and I’ve been able to use it a couple of times already. What I know is that…

  • Heart rate monitoring is disabled under water
  • You have to set the length of the pool to get an accurate distance measurement
  • You also have to pause the workout when you rest to get a better swim time metric. Don’t worry because it records your paused time so its not lost.
  • It gives a very detailed swim report including your SWOLF score which measures you swimming efficiency
  • It also detects your main stroke, which in my case is mostly freestyle
  • In case I mix it up it says medley
  • I have yet to try it on just one stroke… maybe I will


So far I’m enjoying this watch. I didn’t expect to love it because I still think it’s too big for me. But it helped that’s it’s really slim so it doesn’t feel bulky on my wrist. In fact, I like how this feels better than my Fitbit, which is smaller.

I love the silent alarms, notifications are reliable, love the swim tracking, GPS tracking I have yet to test, but yeah overall I’m impressed! Great features, great battery life, this might be the best fitness tracker out there if it stands the test of time. So we’ll see! But right now, I highly recommend this! 💯