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[2023] My Driver’s License Renewal Experience at LTO Estancia

Yey! Finally got my 10-year valid driver’s license in plastic card! That’s freaking rare given that there’s a shortage of cards around and some people are only given a printout of their DLs so yeah I’m pretty lucky!

Here’s how it went…

Branch: LTO Estancia
Day: Friday
Time in: 12:30PM
Time out: 1:30PM

The actual processing actually only took 30 mins, but I arrived at a time when the clinic is on lunch break so I had to wait until 1pm for them to re-open. I made sure to be first in line. Yup, there’s an LTO accredited clinic right beside the office – Think Wise.

LTO office has no lunch breaks. They’re open Monday-Friday 9am-3pm.

LTO Estancia is located at 4F East Wing. It’s kindof hidden as it’s all the way at the end. when you reach Healthway there’s a narrow hallway beside it that leads to LTO so make sure to follow the signs. You can also ask around, that’s what I did.

What to prepare:

• Your own ballpen (the clinic sells one for 10p each)
• Driver’s License
• Pass the CDE Online Validation Exam (no need to print the certificate)

Register at LTMS ( and access the exam by going to E-LEARNING > CDE Online Validation Exam

You can take the exam as many times as you need until you pass (80%). You can take the course but I didn’t, I just went ahead with the questionnaire. Most of the items are motorcycle related so I couldn’t relate haha.

Again you don’t need to print the certification, they will get it from the system. You can take it on your phone or wherever, there’s also a computer in the office for those who want to create an account and take the exam. The staff are really nice and helpful, even those at the clinic.

• For Revision of Records (Address) – photocopy of Proof of Billing

I had to change my address as well so I had to provide a proof of billing. You can have it printed at the clinic for 10 pesos per page. But I had mine printed at Alert Driving School (just beside LTO) cos I was afraid the clinic would overcharge after reading they sold their ballpens for 60 pesos each last year lol. I spotted a printer by the counter so I asked if they could print and they did, 10 pesos din naman pala hahaha.


Medical – 600
License fee – 585
Revision of records – 100

Total – 1285

I must say the medical fee is a bit hefty, but in fairness the doctor looks real and he did an actual visual acuity test HAHAHA. And I believe it cos it revealed my eye problems lol. They also had a working weighing scale and a height meter. Can you believe this clinic? The status quo for LTO accredited clinics is run-down offices ran by a staff that collects 300 and hands you a signed piece of paper. They didn’t have to raise the bar.

The clinic is clean, it’s cold, the staff are helpful and organized, and the doctor seems real 🤣. How refreshing.

You know the bar is so low with government services so this one’s shocking hahaha.

To be fair, it could be a Pasig thing. I had several transactions with LTO Ynares and all of them were pleasant. My husband has paid traffic fines a couple times in their jurisdiction (kamote kasi) and on both counts it didn’t take him 2 hours to finish. So there.

And that’s it! Pretty pleased with the experience. Plastic card, 10-year validity, 30 mins processing time, and nice and helpful staff. Good job LTO Estancia! Please keep it up! 👍