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A bunch of things I need to do today before I get swamped with meetings

Work related:

  • Ask someone from tier 3 how to validate the SQL query I’m gonna run.
  • Ask one of my stakeholders for any process document they might have so I could better understand the flow of the process they want automated.
  • Fucking work on the script for this one project that’s been sitting in my local for months. The goal is to at least be able to publish it in orchestrator this week. Or today if I have any bit of shame.

That’s really all I want to be able to do or at least start doing today. On a much bigger scale I also need to fix my projects’ Confluence pages and organize the documentations over there.

Personal stuff:

  • Pay our utilities. Our shocking utilities. We just moved in two months ago so this month’s bill shows our real consumption. It’s definitely bigger, but our elec rate also increased by ₱2/kwh so let’s see hehe
  • Pay 2 credit cards
  • Book an accommodation for my birthday. Been eyeing a bunch of Airbnbs at Tagaytay and I want to be able to secure something today or this week so I’d have something to look forward to ♥. If ever, it’s gonna be Koomi’s first long drive so we want to see how that goes!
  • Renew my driver’s license