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Birthday wishlist

It’s RTO day today. Surprisingly parking is full in the building so I had to park in an open area two blocks away. This never happens, it’s the first time I encountered full parking in the office building. At least when I got parking rights hehe. And it’s a Monday. Nobody usually comes in on this day. I suspect it’s because the developers who moved to our building somehow all came in today and got all the spots. Bummer. And of course they have cars, their salaries allow them to haha.

Oh well, hope it doesn’t rain later.

Currently listening to some random cafe themed playlist on YouTube while writing this. I’m happy we finally have Youtube access. We requested it for training purposes but honestly I use it mostly for music. At least for now hehe.

It’s gonna be my birthday a month from now. I’ll be turning 33. Nothing exciting haha. I figured I’d list a bunch of things I plan to buy with my 13th month pay and say it’s my birthday wishlist haha because you know, my wish is my command. 🤣

First on the list is a Dyson vaccum. I’m eyeing the V12 detect slim. I’ve always wanted a Dyson vacuum but I couldn’t justify having it. Now that I can fully afford it without thinking twice, I don’t need justification anymore HAHAHAHA. It’s enough to say I want it haha but I’m still gonna wait for 11.11 cos I still love getting discounts and I’m not that rich. Plus it’s a personal gift to myself so it can wait a month!

That’s really all I want for my birthday. Not including the usual staycation. I wanted to replace my sneakers with something from Skechers that’s machine washable and doesn’t have laces so it’s easy to put on but I’m not too keen on it cos I still like my current sneakers from Decathlon. It’s filthy and has a huge speck of oil but I’m too lazy to clean it. More like I don’t know how cos it’s not machine washable haha.

There’s another thing I want to buy but not for myself, for my husband. I want to get him a monitor cos it’s damning to see him code on a friggin 14″ laptop screen lol.

Oh well, guess that’s it!

My Mondays look different now that I’m squeezing RTO in my routine. Normally it’s just the grocery today then WFH after. But since my husband and I can’t RTO at the same day because of Koomi, I decided to give up my usual Friday RTO and just go on a Monday. We have number coding today but I go during window hours so it works! 😊