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5 FREE Fitness Apps to help you workout on your own!

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So you wanna work out without shelling out a single buck? Got a smartphone? large memory, check? a strong wifi/internet? good. i’ll be listing down a few really cool apps that will turn your phone into your very own fitness trainer!​ only, you have to discipline yourself… which is just about the hardest part diba. haha

1. Nike+ Running

it’s my ultimate running companion. if you’re new to this GPS tracking thing and like me was confused whether you needed to turn the data on to get a GPS signal… NO. you don’t need internet connection to get tracked. you just need to turn on your GPS (or that location icon on the home curtain of your android phone), and give if a few seconds to initialize. then, off you go!

2. Nike+ Training Club

here’s one of my favorites. and this is by far the closest to a virtual PT i could get. it has a lot of workout routines for you to try, demo videos, timers, goals, playlist integration, and it’s very organized too. you can cho​ose from various fitness regimen (like get lean, get toned, shape up, etc.) and each has a set of timed exercises you could follow to achieve your goal. i tell you, it’s pretty intense !

i love it how Nike has become not just a household name when it comes to sportswear, but also an advocate of promoting communities that inspire people to live an active lifestyle. and while you’re already there downloading these Nike apps, why not prep yourself up with the right apparel? did you know that especially for women, workout clothes actually inspire you to workout? that’s right, and since Nike for women is available online at Zalora Philippines, i suggest you ogle over there for a while, while waiting for your apps to download. but wait, don’t forget to read the rest of the post!

3. Daily Yoga

perfect for an early morning stretch. 15 minutes on this will break you a good sweat. the videos are very easy to follow and is audible enough. plus it has 5 default background music which helps you ​get ​into that yoga mood (i actually love the music). hahaha

4. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal (calorie counter and diet tracker)

it has been really really helpful (so far). here you could log your every calorie intake (or outtake?) from breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and even your workouts (walking, swimming, weight lifting and blah). you get to input your current measurements, your desired measurements, and every time you check out on a day you get a rough estimate of the amount of weight you’d lose (or gain?) if you continue doing what you’re at.

i like it cos you could ​get ​very specific specially when logging your food intake! you can search up the exact food you ate from their database and you’ll get exactly the info you need! (ie. 2 pcs hotcake w/ syrup … up to the brands of the food you eat! i’d say they have quite an impressive database of food and blah. but it’s not just the food, you could also key in your fitness activities, whatever they are, and it’ll magically (well, programmatically), deduct the calories burned for you. it helps a lot! hehe so far so good!

5. MX Player (or any video player of your choice)

since when did a video player become a fitness app? well, ever since it can play workout videos! i know right!? haha you see, even without the 4 up there… you can do with just a video player. thing is, you have to download your own workout videos.

My picks:

Insanity workout, Zumba France, 10 min. workout videos, etc.

So there!

What about you? What fitness apps do you have on your phone? Honestly, i don’t use all those regularly, the most frequent app i use is the Nike+ Running app. Other than that, it’s always a pain having to schedule a workout sesh alone!

*App screenshots are from their respective play store pages