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How to transfer Paypal funds to your BPI Savings Account

Yes! You can actually withdraw your paypal funds to your BPI ATM account! tried it last week and it worked! Here’s how…


1. a verified Paypal account
2. Paypal funds (of course)
3. a BPI Savings account (yep, that regular ATM account you have, could even be your payroll acct :D)


1. Add your BPI bank account to paypal
– Login to paypal.com
– Hover over “Profile” and click on “Add/Edit Bank Account”
– Click “Add” and fill out the form:

Take note of the following:

  • Name on account: your paypal name and bank account name MUST MATCH otherwise you’ll be charged Php 250.00
  • Bank Name: Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
  • Bank Code: 010040018
  • Account Number: the 10-digit number at the back of your ATM card

2. Transfer funds
– Once you have registered your bank account at paypal, you may now request for withdrawal
– Navigate to “Withdraw” and click on “Withdraw funds to your bank account” (take note of the charges)
– Fill out amount to be withdrawn >> then select the bank account you just added earlier >> then click on “Continue”

3. Done!
Following the succeeding steps and you will be notified via email by paypal about your request for withdrawal. it will take 2-4 days for the amount to reflect on your bank account and you will be charged another Php 150.00 by the bank. i withdrew last March 16 and got the money on March 18 nighttime. that’s pretty fast you know! hehe

For this transaction i was charged a total of 200 pesos (50 by paypal, and 150 by BPI).

Also, on your account statement it will be listed off as a REMITTANCE.

That’s it, hope this helps! 
Have you tried withdrawing your funds to your ATM yet? 🙂