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GlobalTestMarket Proof of Payment

AT LAST!!! After all the fuss about their cheques bouncing and being in a different denomination, i was finally able to get my CASH. as in CAAAAASH. How?

Twice I returned their check to their PO Box at Canada because the first time they sent me, the account has closed. and on the second time, it was printed in dollars and i had no way of withdrawing it. i had my doubts and i was so furious so i ranted about it on this post haha

When I got my points back (after 3 months!), i decided to just wait until they are able to print checks in my local currency, PhP.

But recently though, GTM has rolled out a couple of good rewards conversion alternatives, one of which is PAYPAL (there’s also Lazada and Amazon!) so… REJOICE REJOICE!!! Once the feature was up and active I instantly requested for a cash out.

Here’s the points conversion:

816 points = Php 1,500
543 points = Php 1,000

Note that in order to claim your Paypal rewards you must have a minimum of 1000 points. 🙂

So on March 6, i claimed my Paypal rewards, and exactly 7 days after, i was credited with the amount I requested on Paypal! Yeheyyy!

Now I just had to withdraw it to my local bank account. Here’s how I did it, if you’re wondering! And finally, after a total of 10 days (7 days from GTM to Paypal, and 3 days from Paypal to my bank account)… caaaaash! yeyy! <3
In fairness to GTM, they responded to all my inquiries. They may respond slow, but at least they’re working on it.
The support channel I used to inquire to would be this email address: 
So if you have any concerns about your points or anything, you may want to email them there. 🙂
Finally finally, all my doubts about GTM have been lifted and I can now proudly promote it to all you. So in case you’re looking for a profitable past time answering surveys (it’s not much but it pays!), just leave your email address and i’ll refer you asap! 🙂
Thanks GTM! 🙂