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Month: October 2010

  • asdsfmasf

    this is extreme. when the connection is bad, it’s really bad like 0.00 kbps. but when it’s good, it’s good like 1mbps. why can’t i have a consistently good connection foreverrr???  folks, i’m on episode 9!!! i’m also quite aware that i sortof promised to just wait for the dvd to come out but, well,…

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  • Sungkyunkwan Scandal

     you own me right now. ♥ ah, that’s just a picture lol.

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  • he who must not be taken for granted

    watching too much drama has led me to quite a passable observation of the so called ‘other guy’. the lead male supporting character. the rebound guy. the one whose feelings are left unacknowledged for the rest of the series. the ever so faithful conveyor of all things unsolicited. how could you have not gathered enough…

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  • >:)

    SUNGKYUNKWAN SCANDAL! it’s taking up my entire head! @_@ this is pretty much the type of insanity i wouldn’t mind “suffering” from. i put off Chuck season 3 because of this. WAHAHAHA why? because SS has the romance factor that’s lacking in Chuck, reason why there’s no thinking twice on which goes first. but seriously…

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  • while the ice cream melts

    allow me to be emo this time by dwelling on the one person i still love, and will continue to, unless i hear God telling me to stop and look somewhere else. he doesn’t know it, but i hope it shows. to me, he is the exception from my everyday routine, the distraction to my…

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  • i surrender

    i was wrong. sungkyunkwan scandal is still airing on korea. so there’s really no chance of getting dvds right now. the only way i could watch it to satisfy my hormones is to stream it online, in which case i need to invest on ultrafast internet connection that apparently, globe tattoo broadband couldn’t give me.…

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