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Month: October 2010

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    the random stuff i draw >:)

    made last october 15, 2010 at school, after having breakfast w/ brian. this was at the back of the paper mat they put on the food trays at mcdonalds. argh. it’s very inconvenient having to describe it that way. is there a general term for those paper mats??? ay bobo. paper mats. duh. hey. that’s…

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  • remember D???? my self-proclaimed Yeorim (Go Yung Ha)??????? i stalked him on facebook and saw that HE’S WEARING GLASSES in his default pic. can i faint for a while??? he’s too cute. he’s too… Yeorim. ♥_♥ argggghhhh weaknessss. everytime i see him my heart flutters like crazyyyyy. >:D actually it’s the smile eh. he always…


  • nakahuhumaling ♥

    wow pens! i saw something cheap! monami gel pens for 17 each! >:) they have 7 colors! FOR MY BIRTHDAY PLEASE???? 119 lang shet. @_@ ETA: BOUGHT!!! oh gawd, i’m so impulsive. around two hours ago i was drafting this entry. then i couldn’t hold the temptation anymore so i left the pc, commuted to…

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  • yeah right

    this week is strangeley unalarming, considering it’s midterms week. midterm exams don’t really alarm me. sorry. i’m waiting for this day to end so i could go home and stream SS like crazy. i’m on episode 15! and there are only like 5 episodes left. 3 of which are in the subbing process. i can’t…

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  • don't read

    bwiset ka. it’s not funny. hope you’ll quit doing this. >:(i’m sorry. it’s me. the problem is with me. i shouldn’t have “investigated” further. the truth doesn’t always equate to freedom. and freedom isn’t always good. what a burden, this knowledge i have of you. i wish i hadn’t known. fuuuuck. and i couldn’t bring…

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