A very personal blog

while the ice cream melts

allow me to be emo this time by dwelling on the one person i still love, and will continue to, unless i hear God telling me to stop and look somewhere else. he doesn’t know it, but i hope it shows. to me, he is the exception from my everyday routine, the distraction to my monotonous living, and even though he doesn’t have a clue (uhh but i guess he does) how much he affects me, i’m willing to love him silently for err, practical reasons, or for reasons only the brain could surmise.

even i don’t understand myself. i always make time for him, and i never put up excuses. that’s how much i long to be in his company. it doesn’t happen a lot these days so every chance is an opportunity to see him. just that. just one call and i’ll go rushing over to his side. it doesn’t matter if i’m the second one he called, i’m still the only one who came. for now i’m not vying to be on the first spot, i’m fine not being the first long as i remain a spot. LOL

love, really. beats me why.
but you know, studies always comes first.

i just bought ice cream and i’m waiting for it to melt. >:)
i’m also rerunning chuck season 2, while playing my chances on globe broadband… if i get a good speed i might try streaming SS. LOOOOOL i’m kinda not giving up.

oh the mascot. sige, maya maya hanap muna inspirasyon lolz.