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i surrender

i was wrong. sungkyunkwan scandal is still airing on korea. so there’s really no chance of getting dvds right now. the only way i could watch it to satisfy my hormones is to stream it online, in which case i need to invest on ultrafast internet connection that apparently, globe tattoo broadband couldn’t give me. >:( so globe, goodbye. 

let’s estimate:

so far, right now, they’re at episode 16. 4 more chapters and it’s gonna end. 4 days at most, 2 weeks depending on the producing korean network. a week after, the english subs should be out and completely uploaded online. another week and the pirates are gonna have it. another week and they should be able to burn these into cds. another week and they’ll have it distributed to st. francis square ortigas, or more conveniently, commonwealth market. that’s one month and a week, if my schedule is followed. 

so to make sure that it’s really out and available in the philippines, i need to wait a maximum of 2 MONTHS. just in time for christmas. and since i couldn’t afford to stream it with a mega fucked up network that’s sucking up all my money, i decided to just surrender to what seems to be God’s will, which is also the most practical and virtuous thing to do. God says WAIT. fine. >:)

see you on christmas kim yoon shik. this is sad, but it’s better than assuming that God doesn’t want me to watch you EVER.

so how did i come up with this LOL realization? 

you see, out of my dying desperation to watch the thing, i went to netopia to stream! i was planning on downloading the streamed stuff onto my usb so i could watch it at home. the dl speed was fast, but at some point, it lagged, and i couldn’t find the right software to use for wat.tv (why did it have to be this complicated grr). i spent an hour and 2 minutes searching for a compatible software but nadda. >:| so i gave up and logged out, and they charged me almost 50 pesos for that. and i thought they charge 25/hr. fuckyeahmoneysucker. so there, i thought God didn’t want me to watch it now. 

then i came down to the supermarket to buy something and thought, it’s too bad that i wasn’t able to watch SS, so i should treat myself to ice breaker!!! >:D >:D >:D >:D but when i came there, the stall was tindera-less. i cried (mentally), Lord – pati ba naman ice breaker??? i thought about waiting for the tindera to come but in the end, i surrendered again and just went home. 

i was on the ailse to the tryke terminal when i suddenly recalled that my parents were heading to FCM right now, i turned back to search the parking lot and OUR CAR WAS THERE!!! yehey! i walked back to rustan’s and saw my mom, assisted her and blah blah blah. when i came out, the tindera was already there and she’s the tindera who gives more milk servings!!!

so in the end, i had ice breaker with extra milk and rice crispies. 

oh yes, when God says wait, just do it. it’s for the better.