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a dream is a wish your heart makes.. lalalala

it’s super rare to find me either smiling or laughing the moment i wake up but because i just had one gurrreyt dream i guess it better if i share it before it slips out of my memory! upon retrospection, the last gurreytest dream that i shared to you was when i dreamt of adrian of love letter (a koreanovela)… or was it when i dreamt of daniel radcliffe sitting in MMA? nevermind.

ok. so obviously, i dreamt of my crush! just in time when i was ‘almost’ forgetting him because of lack of… err… because i’m not seeing him anymore and i’m growing tired of all the useless information i get from google (useless pala ha?). yeah. we had our ‘moment’ in my dream. and it includes a big bowl of noodles, a computer with internet connection, hannah, mara, charles (typically – charles should be there. lol becuase he knows… hahaha) and an ICE SKATING RINK! a skating rink! a skating rink! is this a sign?? oh dear Jesus i hope sooo!

i forgot the WHOLE dream, i just remember fragments of it. i went out of the classroom to eat. then i entered some sort of a canteen. i sat down. there’s the computer in front of me. i was supposed to do my usual ‘stalking’ routine. then he sat down next to me. i don’t really remember how it started but we sat there like we know each other. so duh, i have to stop my ‘google’ thingy for now. there’s this sign-up form that popped on the screen. i asked him to sign up. i asked for his name (acting like i’m clueless of it). he didn’t give it to me. instead, he asked me to just type his friends’ names in the freakin form. aaaah, i don’t know what happened next. all i remember is that… we’re sharing the bowl of noodles already. cool. cool. not even a bit romantic but deep inside i was flushing like hell.

forget that. after eating i got up and went the water dispenser to drink. i took two glasses. i filled the glass#1 through container#1 while the other using container#2. glass#1 overflowed. lol. i just gave it to him. then we went out. he stepped out first.

and now he’s skating.
* how the skating rink appeared in front of the door remains unknown as well as how skates suddenly replaced whatever footwear we have before stepping out. weird huh.

and well, i don’t know how to skate so i just stepped out and let myself stumble on the cold floor. ok so he’s kind enough to pull me up and drag me out of the rink. thanks dude.

so i’m out of the rink. i walked back to the classroom and heard a lot of people fussing about the exam tomorrow. which i’m totally clueless about. so i walked in…
* how the skates suddenly disappeared from my feet remains unexplainable.

-saw mara laughing with her friends.
-hannah greeted me in. and per usual, she’s holding a notebook! hehehe

i was beaming like a madman you know. then i saw charles. i ran to him squealing like a fangirl. i just want to tell him what happened to meeeee…

uhh. seriously, i don’t know why i want to tell him. but for the most part, he’s the only one inside the classroom who knows about my crush. and i can’t contain the overflow of excitement within me so i have to splurge it out.

the dream ended that way. without me knowing if i told him the story or what… i coudn’t care much.

all i know is i love the feeling of waking up after a terrific dream.

the end.