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happy easter sunday!

my eyes are all heavily swollen. instead of watching a ‘Jesus’ film from the 12in1 Jesus Films dvd my dad bought, we watched a war movie. a waaaar movie. and it’s damn great it made me cry like i’ve never had before on a damned movie. and now i’m adding it to my favorites. err… actually i forgot what the title is… it’s something along the lines of ‘Tenpuku’ or ‘Tengpuku’… whatever.

ok, so it’s korean. the war settles during the 1950’s between the democratic South Korean nation and the communist North Korean bitches. obviously i’m for the ‘yellow dogs’ — that’s how commies call their south korean captives. so the story is about 2 brothers who got caught in the war. well… you have to read other plot summaries i’m not writing ’em here. but i swear it’s a MUST WATCH. the most dramatic war film i’ve ever watched. and yeah, only asian war films can stir up this kind of emotion in me. the movie is gruesome, it depicts how depressing and homesicking a soldiers life can be. and when you’re not really a soldier but someone who just got dragged along the marching line, it’s even more traumatic.

oh well. the main characters are brothers Lee Jin-Tae and Lee Jin-Seok. and both are played by Kenneth of All About Eve and ANDREW of Endless Love 1 respectively. ♥

hey. i found the title already… it’s called ‘Tae Guk Gi’. =) lol.