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sun of the beach!!!

i wanna go to the beach!! everyone’s flying to boracay, to bohol, to palawan… blah. and i’m here. stuck in the house without a life. and look! the only highlight of this summer will be my summer classes. now that’s so boring it could kill me. wait, i did say i was excited to take summer classes but yeah, it’s still boring. huh? weird me. okokok. so the only place where i could indulge myself in, because i couldn’t see myself -in any way- in the beach, would be the MALL. great huh. now where’s the money? wheeerre? i don’t have money!

and shit. banco de oro increased their maintaining balance from 1thou to a freakin 5thousand! meaning, if i’m going to withdraw whatever small fortune i have in that goddamned bank, i have to leave 5 thou. and how much do i have in there anyway??? nevermind.

above all things, i want to give my parents a break. yes, a big break, away from their work and from the traitors of their circle. they’re facing a really difficult SHITutation here and i know i couldn’t be of any help so at least i want to treat them somewhere… somehow… to a full body massage or spaaaaa. they refuse to travel because they have yet to fix the stupid whatnots in their work.

ok. i’ll accept that i’m probably not going to have a terrific summer this year but i do hope karma’s working its way already for a ‘terrific comeback’. whew. it didn’t suck to know i’m going to spend this season dead and bored, if it’s the price to pay for passing chem. fine, i accept it.

oh come on, i’m concluding things again! this summer’s going to be a blast i know!!! yeah, it’s just a matter of buying more ice cream that is. and getting more motivated in excercising and getting fit.

wait i need a man too. yuh.