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happy good friday!

currently listening to: draw me close – michael smith

dad bought a couple of cd’s yesterday. 2 piano cds and 2 gospel cd’s! he bought don moen’s newest! mehn, i couldn’t be anymore happier! my last don moen cd was when he doesn’t have those wrinkles and white hair yet but now, he’s looks pretty old. but mehn, the respect is still there! imagine he’s been offering his voice to the Lord for yeaaaarrrssss!

new found favorite! michael smith! mehn, he’s a hottie! much more than that, he uses it for the Lord. why i love his album? i practically know every song! we’re always singing those in church. mehn. i love love love his album! even more than don moen’s latest (but i still love him to bits!)!!

mehn, i’m gonna rip those music files and put them in my player! which means i have to refresh my player and probably delete a couple of songs. weeeeeeeeeeeee…

hey, bad news! we don’t have waaatteeer! hehe, can’t take a bath till this afternoon. =/

oh, i’m excited to skate with my friends! it’s gonna be my first time! make a wish! good thing they planned it on a saturday afternoon becausseeee…. i have classes in the morning. sucks i know but i’m excited to PASS chem17. super. you see, i can’t afford to fail even a single chem subject because it’s gonna do me gazillion years of delay and that sucks. big time!

daddy says we’re going to watch 300 tomorrow. hope it’s true!!!