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Do you remember life before the internet?

Daily writing prompt
Do you remember life before the internet?

I spent some of my childhood years without the internet. On weekdays after school, when I’m done with homework, my sister and I usually camp at the living room to wait for our favorite animes. I remember watching Fushigi Yuugi, Gatekeepers, Boys Be, Eto Rangers, and Samurai X. My favorite channel then was AXN because of the anime line up. Before steaming media, we had cabled TV.

Other times I’d play with my brick game. When daddy is free he teaches me chess. I also collect teks (text? tex?) which are small cards with anime characters on it that I buy in the marketplace for like 5 pesos per set. A set has 4 of 5 cards in it. I never play with them, instead I use them as reference because I also loved to draw. Most of the teks I collect are from Ghost Fighter (Yu Yu Hakusho) and I had hundreds of them stored in a box. There was a time my mom got alarmed that the cards I collect have images of demons and ugly creatures on them that she threw everything away. She’s super religious and thinks it would attract Satan or what lol. I threw a tantrum when I found out, went full-on demon, and felt really bad about it (about my cards being thrown away, not acting possessed). A few days later daddy called me to come look at the drawer in the closet, there I found an entire set of new cards! He told me to keep it a secret from my mom. I love my dad! A true minion!

There was an old keyboard at home I used to play with. It isn’t hooked to anything, but I just loved typing on it because of the sound haha. I remember getting so devastated when my mom gave it away to give to one of my cousins.

Most weekend mornings my parents would take us to QC Circle and my sister and I would rent bikes while my parents walk around and soak in the sun. After an hour or so we would converge in the parking lot and walk to the food stalls to eat lugaw, ice cream, buko juice, and whatever snacks they have. Most of the time my mom packs food for us but we always opt to buy from the stalls cos there are more options hehe. Other weekends we go to Eco Park instead which is nearer. La Mesa Eco Park is where La Mesa dam is, a part of a system that supplies water to most of Metro Manila. There aren’t a lot of things happening there, but it’s a conserved area with lots of trees and trails you can walk or bike at. It’s very refreshing just hanging around there. They have a vast picnic area, swimming pools, and gardens. There’s a flight of stairs that has over 100 steps that gives you an amazing view of the dam up top, and a beautiful perspective of the flower garden when you look back.

So yeah, that’s my life before the internet. I was a kid, I enjoyed it a lot.

Oh wow, didn’t expect to write this much about this prompt. What a trip down memory lane!

I was just supposed to give a brief answer and go on rant about how unproductive my day is and how much I have to do. Guess I’ll do that right now…?

Okay so I’ve been putting off testing this one project that I’m actively working on and today is that day I decided to really work on it. But alas! I only have 30 minutes left for the day and I haven’t done a single thing. I promised to get this automation deployed by June, which means I need to have it tested this week.

Work’s been piling up. Which is good because I thought I’d be out of things to do and next thing I know I’m fired. But well, I like that they’re piling and that I feel more confident to work on them somehow becuase I’m slowly getting more and more familiar with how things work around here. Who to ask for access issues, who to call for database stuff, who to consult for architectural stuff, etc. I love that I’m able to think more proactively now about the tasks being thrown at me and I’m not that scared to attend requirement gathering meetings anymore. Oh well. All that “growth” and I’m still not getting anything done.

Actually, I’ve been preoccupied lately. Jeckie and I are working on acquiring something in the coming weeks that’s pretty major for both of us. You’ll hear about it soon, but that’s all for now! 😀