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I feel so lazy

Some happy things recently

✱ I bought a new mouse, since my current one’s scroll wheel has gone bonkers no amount of blowing off dust would fix. Happy to find something below 200 that works just as well as my 500 pesos Logitech mouse.

✱ I bought a new silicone strap for my smart watch. The original one gave me rashes which was weird so I had to replace it. I first got a leather looking strap but it stinks over time specially when I work out. This new one that I got is only 74 pesos and it hasn’t given me rashes yet! Yeyy!

I really don’t know how to motivate myself with work. I’m only working on one project. Lots of things lined up but I don’t know where to start. Argh.

Alright, alright let’s get moving.