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Life Lately

Last week was so incredibly busy next thing we know it’s already Sunday and the weekend is over! Aaaah!

Monday – grocery run, tried the newly opened Thai restaurant at Estancia, it was okay. Then went to the bank to hopefully sign some docs, but the papers aren’t available yet so we just went home.

Tuesday – I went to rehab so as usual got home really tired. I realized I’ve been doing a lot of things before work starts so by the time I clock in I’m all out of energy to do work I’m being paid to do lol. Anyway, Jeckie went to the office today so I cooked pasta for myself. Also made hummus and tuna spread. I swear working the kitchen is exhausting but also fulfilling hehe. Koomi was mostly hekking, meaning waiting by the door for dad to come home, in short behaved!

Wednesday – Oh man. It was raining hard and I had to drop Koomi at daycare so he could play and get washed. Thankfully the staff at Hachi Kamp fetched him from the car so I didn’t have to go out. Then I went to the gym, dreadfully but no regrets, went home, then went out again to go to the bank. Our docs are ready for signing so we did that in 30 minutes and headed home, just in time for Jeckie’s interview hehe.

Thursday – It’s ortho consult + rehab day. Which means I woke up extra early, like 10am. I finally scheduled a procedure with my surgeon to remove the scar tissue in my knee because from my last rehab consult, it seems like I’ve already taken a lot of sessions (it’s been 9 months of regular PT) and I’m not back to normal yet. Thankfully he was able to squeeze me in for June 1st! He requested for a bunch of labs: X-ray, ECG, and CBC which I completed that day. Then I went to my PT session, bought myself Korean snacks that were too oily, got Jeckie a croissant sandwich, and went home DEAD TIRED. Urgh. I don’t recall being able to work productively at all. I was so so tired from lack of sleep and PT. Requested for LOA online for my procedure on Saturday, and was able to get it in a couple of minutes.

Friday – I went to the office. Had milk tea and Chowking for dinner. And finally finally was able to focus on working. Everything I procrastinated on doing for two weeks I finished today and I was so proud of myself. I also finally figured out how to use our new printer lol turns out there was a memo on the new procedure 7 months ago and of course I didn’t read it haha. Printed my LOA , clocked out, and drove home!

Saturday – OKAY THIS WAS A VERY VERY LONG DAY. I was supposed to wake up before 10am so I could eat because I’m supposed to be on fast 8hrs before my procedure. But heck I woke up past 11am so the window is gone. My last meal was at 3am so I’m just gonna have to endure the hunger until the operation is over.

I’m scheduled at 6pm so we have enough time to bring Koomi to Hachi Kamp, get my labs from Healthway, and drive to The Medical City early enough for my procedure. I kinda rushed Jeckie into starting the day early because I didn’t want to wait too long at Healthway and face Saturday traffic. Turns out I was in an out of Healthway pretty fast and traffic wasn’t so bad haha. And so we got to the hospital 2 hours before my procedure haha. So early!

Jeckie left me for a while so he could eat, and I just waited in the OR suite because I couldn’t be tempted to eat anything. My headache is growing and my surgeon arrived late. I over fasted and my blood pressure has dipped to 108/51 which was crazy but not surprising.

They wheeled me to the operating room around 7pm and when they injected the general anesthesia I made it a point to count down from 100 to see how fast it took effect! The last number I remember was 93! But I also remember counting this way: 100, 99, 98, 97, 93, zzzz so I’m not sure how fast I passed out lol. Either 4 or 7 seconds haha for sure though I didn’t need to start at 100 haha I was out in less than 10 seconds!

Two hours later I woke up in the recovery room, my food wilting and waiting for me haha. The sundae on my float has melted, my fries has soggied, and my chicken sandwich cold and tough. It was past 10pm and we had to fetch Koomi from daycare, but I couldn’t be discharged yet because there are still issues with my Intellicare LOA.

Oh here we go…

So Jeckie went ahead to fetch Koomi. The plan was for them to wait at home until I’m ready to be discharged. Turns out the house keys are with me and he couldn’t come back up because Koomi will be left alone in the car in the heat of the parking lot. So he just drove to my in-laws haha.

Back to my Intellicare issue. The online eRCS that was approved for me only cited 50k as initial limit, and it was a pain to have it adjusted off hours. Then I learned the anesthesiologist who worked on me isn’t accredited so they wouldn’t cover her professional fee, which is around 23k. The running bill is already at 87k and Intellicare was being so difficult! They said the machine that was used on me cannot be covered, as well as the paracetamol they administered because I was an out-patient. Juvelle, the receptionist at the surgery suite was the one arguing over the line with the Intellicare rep because it all sounded so ridiculous. They have never experienced this kind of stinginess when it comes to coverage. Considering I have a 500k limit. How could the machine be opted out all of a sudden? They wanted the machine fee to part of the doctor’s PF which was weird because they’re different line items from the SOA. How could the paracetamol be not covered when it was a vial and was administered onsite? I can feel how infuriated Juvelle is. It’s also relieving to see them making an effort in sorting the issue out. But still, the thought of paying over 50k in excess just brought me to tears. And the adjustment, according to Intellicare, could take the morning because they had to wait for the doctor to verify the items in the list. They wouldn’t give us a timeline but it’s definitely gonna take the entire day. It was past 12 midnight at this point! I wasn’t admitted for this procedure so I had to wait in the recovery room the whole time. I was getting hungry but thankfully the staff were so nice, Juvelle and her boss gave me coffee and snacks and they stayed with me the whole time. They also called their liaison officer, woke him up from sleep, to help sort things out. Maybe he could talk to the head office insted. Turns out it wouldn’t be this difficult had I applied my LOA onsite instead of online. He would’ve approved everything and set a high limit because he knew how things cost around here. But what do I know? I thought it was convenient to do things online, heck it was serviced they offered, turns out it’s a pain for out-patient procedures like this! But yeah, lesson learned!

Thankfully, I remembered I have a Maxicare card with me c/o my husband so I checked online if my surgeon and anes are accredited and THEY WERE!!! So I called Maxicare and asked them if I could still request for a LOA even though the procedure is over already. At first I was denied, they said they don’t normally issue LOAs after the procedure as it has to be secured beforehand. I let Juvelle talk to them and she explained that the patient is still here and cannot be discharged because Intellicare won’t cover this and that… eventually they processed the approval and after waiting on hold for over an hour, they issued my LOA and EVERYTHING WAS COVERED AND I DIDN’T HAVE TO PAY A SINGLE PENNY!! Thank God!

Oh you have no idea how relieved I felt that day. We went home around 3:30am, while Koomi stayed the night at my in-laws. Needless to say we had a restful sleep that day. My knee was swollen but I could walk alright.

Sunday – Slept well and dressed my wound! Saw my stapled knee for the first time haha. It looks very swollen but hopefully with a lot of scar tissue removed it will be easier to regain my ROM once the swelling subsides. Went to Gateway to eat (A Mano) then to my in-laws to get Koomi and also eat again and tambay haha. It was a good day. Hopefully I get to be back to normal.