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Hey Monday

Daily writing prompt
What makes you nervous?

Oh I get nervous a lot for various reasons. But there’s one thing that always gets me nervous and that’s answering calls from grab food lol. I never want to take calls from them because I’m afraid they’ll tell me they can’t meet in the lobby or that they’ve been waiting for too long. Most of the time (if not all) I give my phone to my husband whenever he goes down to fetch the food so I don’t have to take any calls from them. But yeah, that’s one thing that always makes me nervous. I don’t even know why, it just makes me anxious. I think I don’t want to feel rejected that they won’t meet me in the lobby despite my instruction and that I’d resent them for lying that they’re not allowed in the lobby cos that’s happened a lot.


It’s a Monday and I’m in the office. I just had dinner at Pancake House. Had House Special Set A, which was the same set I got last Friday lol. I have a new found appreciation for their fried chicken. It has a tang to it that I love, reminds me of Chooks’ fried chicken. 😀

Out of curiousity I bought Krispy Kreme’s 3 new doughnuts – the Ruffles, Doritos, and Cheetos coated ones. I have very low expectations for them because they already look weird to me but I’m also very curious haha. Will try them with my husband when I get home.

I’m still not done reading a A Little Life. Halfway through the book I was feeling very empathetic about Jude cos he’s got a boatload of trauma he can’t seem to get over with. But eventaully it gets frustrating because he doesn’t seem to want to get better. I’m starting to hate him. But who am I to judge right. What do I know about coping with physical and sexual abuse as a child? Oh well. Still holding on to the hype and the promise that it will make me bawl like crazy.

I kinda want a new office chair. One with a headrest and footrest that I can comfortably lounge around. My Ikea Alefjall feels too stiff? Or maybe my posture is just wrong. Hehe.