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Happy Friday

It’s been a crazy week but glad it’s coming to a close.

✱ My IF pattern isn’t working for me. And I guess I know the reason why. I’m not entering a calorie deficit despite eating only during the 8-hour window because I EAT A LOT. Of course. Goddammit. So I figured, it doesn’t matter what time I eat, as long as I get myself into a deficit I’d lose weight. The reason why IF worked for me before is because I’m actually eating less and eating only during the window. I guess I’ll just go on a regular diet then. I’m 75kgs right now it sucks. That used to be my weight after coming back from the US, and the PH heat easily melted it off. Oh well, wish I had the same metabolism as 8 years ago.

✱ I ordered a new dashcam on Shopee to replace our old one, which died at 6 years, and I’m having doubts about it. I got the DDPAI Mini Pro which is really cute because it’s very small, and doesn’t have a screen. But I’m having trouble mounting it on our windshield cos I couldn’t get it centered. The electrostatic sticker won’t stick cos of the dots on the frits are too rough. Because of that I’ve wasted its original adhesive and I bought a new one which unfortunately sucks because it doesn’t stick as good as the old one and it’s white so it’s very obvious from outside. I hate it. So I just ordered a new adhesive from the same store, so yeah hopefully I get a good quality one and don’t fuck it up. It’s very frustrating. And also the power on sound sounds so cheap it says “HELLO DING DING PAI” which is cringe but also funny so I don’t care anymore. In hindsight I should’ve just bought the same dascham so I wouldn’t have these problems. Oh well.

✱ Jeckie and Koomi are both recovering already thank God. The vomiting (Koomi) and diarrhea (Jeckie) have stopped and they’re just finishing their meds. It’s really not so difficult taking care of my husband cos he’s just lying down groaning in pain all day. The hardest I had to do was give him a sponge bath to lower his fever but generally that’s it. But Koomi is a freaking workout. He’d vomit in several places and I had to clean up quickly after him before he steps on the bloody puddles and makes a bigger mess. It was exhausting. And it’s so hard to give him medicine because he wouldn’t swallow his pills and doesn’t like the antacid syrup. I have to bury his tabs on a banana or squash just to get him to ingest it.

✱ I’m currently in the office thinking of what to eat. I have my brain set on Japanese earlier but I don’t know if I should look around BHS for other options. I want A Mano. Or maybe Jollibee. Idk. I’m heading out.