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So I started the other post saying my husband and my dog is sick. Next thing I know I’m driving them both to the hospital after excusing myself from work.

Koomi has some sort of infection. After a CBC and X-ray he was prescribed an antibiotic, antacid, and something to protect his stomach. He was injected with anti-vomit too and we were discharged soon after. The vet mentioned something abnormal with his hip after looking at his x-ray. A sharp bone like thing protruding from the hip. Says it’s generally harmless but should be careful when sittin down or moving as it may cause pain or early arthritis. This is probably the shortest vet visit we’ve had so far. There was no waiting line. We were out in an hour.

My husband is still in the hospital. I’m already sleepy but I want to wait for him so I can fetch him. At this rate I won’t be able to attend rehab tomorrow. Again. I’ve been missing a lot of Tuesday sessions lately. Hay.

I’m exhausted. Hope they feel better soon. ♥