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Still A Little Life. Slowly starting to like it. I promised to read every night before going to bed and so far that’s been helpful in getting out of the slump.


Still Crash Course in Romance. It’s fun, but not so kilig which is why I haven’t finished it yet haha.


The humming of the electric fan.


About how to really lose weight. I’ve been avoiding rice during weekdays (although I just ate a rice dish today, sorry) but I don’t think I’m losing weight at all. In fact i think I gained weight. I’m 75kgs now oh my goodness. But I did fit into this one shirt that doesn’t usually fit me well when I gain just a little, so that’s encouraging.

There are days when I feel light. And there are days when I’m proud of myself for not forcing myself to finish my food because sayang pera. I’ve learned to listen to my body better and stop eating when I’m full. This practice has enlightened me a lot. That I don’t have an overeating problem, I have a “sayang naman” mentality. I actually don’t eat a lot, I just dont’ want to waste money. And so the law of diminishing returns comes to play.

But actually, money isn’t wasted by not finishing what I paid for. It is wasted when I don’t get the value of what I paid for. And that happens when I overstuff myself. I become full, but not fulfilled. And because I love food, I want to be fulfilled.

But of course it’s not just my appetite that’s hindering my weight loss. There’s also my slowing metabolism and my recovering knee that’s making it hard for me to overexert myself physically.’

Anyway. Slowly but surely.




For good health, a new car, and a stable job.


Pambahay shirt and shorts


My parents more than ever. I wish I could get them a car so we could drive out of town as much as we like! And I could take them to the beach, the mountains, and just spend time together in a nice bnb.

It’s my mom’s 70th birthday soon and we celebrated it early this weekend. Checked in at Novotel, had dinner at Mamou, and had breakfast together. Short and sweet. We missed staying at hotels haha. We left Koomi at Hachi Kamp for the night and I guess he was fine there. Although it would’ve been nice to have him around as Novotel is a pet-friendly hotel, we just didn’t want the hassle at least for a night.


A car HAHA


A car for my parents


Lazy. My other meeting got cancelled today so I’m pretty free. The project I’m automating right now seems doable but I still have some dependencies going on so I’ll take my time.