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Happy Friday


Went to the auto shop earlier to have the car assessed after getting into a minor accident last week. My husband accidentally hit a post while backing up from my sister’s condo’s driveway. It’s nice to finally take a step towards getting the car fixed. I mean the real first step was calling insurance to let them know and ask what to do. Which I made three days ago. So yey, that’s two action items for this claim.


Left Koomi at daycare before heading to the office today. My husband has an important demo tonight and I’m going to the office so we figured he can’t be bothered when Koomi suddenly decides to poop while he’s in a call. Specially that I’m not at home.


Now I’m in the office doing actual work lol.

I’m in the second day of my 16:8 fast. I’ve only had black coffee, which doesn’t break my fast and I’m looking forward to dinner.


I just had dinner from Kaya. I’ve been craving for Korean food lately. Largely because I’m currently watching Crash Course in Romance, whose main character owns a banchan restaurant. I had samgyup. It was lovely.


Happy that HSBC finally tagged my credit card with No Annual Fee For Life. They’ve been charging me an annual fee for two years and I kept on complaining about it. They would waive it, but whenever I escalate that I shouldn’t be getting an annual fee in the first place, they don’t seem to get it. After pestering them about it, I finally landed an agent who understood my problem. And even then, when it was routed to the correct team, they still don’t understand the issue. After a couple of emails they finally got what my problem was and found that they forgot to tag my card properly. They explained that the first time they got my application, it was denied, then a couple days later they reconsidered and missed the tagging.

You know what I learned from dealing with them? Never lay out your complain completely. Don’t give them all the details because some people cannot digest a whole story. Let them discover your issue one question at a time. I mean, I gave every single detail every single time and they always miss the point. It’s frustrating. Originally, my emails went something like this:

Hi team. Why is my card not tagged as No Annual Fee for Life? I applied on the website during the promo period Sep 1 – Dec 31 2021 (insert screenshot of promo) and got approved Dec 29 (insert screenshot of approval sms) and I’m still being charged an annual fee. Please check.

Then they would respond with something stupid like…

Hi Ms. Dave, upon checking, your card is qualified for an annual fee waiver for this year. We have waived your annual fee and it will reflect on your next billing. Annual Fees are charged to the customer to ensure that we maintain quality service blah blah blah.

It took me several calls to land an agent who understood my problem and agreed that I should in fact be tagged as NAFFL. But when it was routed to the complaints team, they responded with essentially the same message. And I had to reiterate my question, why do I not qualify for NAFFL? And that’s the only time I felt like they actually looked into my problem. I mean, what’s the point of escalating when you’re just gonna respond the same? Urgh.

Point is, I now have three NAFFL cards yey. I was gonna cut my RCBC card because it doesn’t qualify for NAFFL but they just increased my limit so we’ll see.


I had a credit adjustment today due to a discrepancy in my bonus tax computation. Yey for an extra 3k, sakto I’m already broke!

Happy Weekend!