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Life Lately

Ever since I said I’ll write in the format of The Sunday Currently every Monday when I’m on RTO, something always gets in the way of me writing on a Monday haha. I was on vacation leave last last Monday, and yesterday I was on sick leave so I wasn’t able to blog at all. That said I’ll just call it Life Lately and tell you all about it lol.


Nothing. Haven’t gotten back to reading recently. It’s been months. Hay.


Impractical Jokers with the husband and Crash Course in Romance by myself.


To my husband on a meeting. He’s been on edge these days because of a big project.


About how to save the bonus I’ll be receiving soon. To be honest I was hopeful about the amount but it didn’t turn out as great as I expected. Last year I got the same rating and was awarded a 5% increase which was awesome, and now with the same rating I only got a 2% increase.

The performance bonus was great though. My target bonus is 10% of my annual salary and I hit maybe 97% of that so that’s cool. However, there was no additional bonus this year, compared to last year where they gave an extra 2% lump sum across the board. Oh well. This just means I need to save better.


Our ulam which is chicken and bokchoy in oyster sauce which I ran out of, so I substituted it with Hainanese Chicken sauce which is pretty much the same.


For a productive year at work. One that will give me security. Cos I really don’t know what will happen to me in this company.


Pambahay shirt and shorts


The prospect of the coming weekend? We’ll be celebrating my mom’s birthday. I just booked a hotel staycation for the family. It’s her 70th so I want it to be special. My mom is very simple, she doesn’t ask for anything but I know she appreciates the fine things in life. All she wants is family time. Hopefully we’ll get a nice dinner and also shop a little hehe. Wish I could give her a car but I can’t afford it!


To save better this year and really recover from all the spending I did last year and finally get back on track to funding my MP2, GoTrade, and digital banks.


To get back to church. I have my doubts, but I miss the community.


A bit depressed about the knee situation. I’m 8 months post-op and I’m not getting the ROM that I want. I will be consulting this week to see if it’s a good option to have my scar tissue removed. Maybe it’s what’s hindering my progress. Maybe. I’m having doubts with my surgeon but hopefully he’s skilled and experienced enough to know what’s wrong with me. Hay Lord.