A very personal blog


It’s RTO day today. Currently in the office wasting time. I feel hungry but I don’t know what to eat. I hate that they removed the concessionare in our pantry. Didn’t really wanna go out to get snacks. But I’ve been craving Filipino food a lot lately. so I’ll probably eat rice again.

Just got back from dinner. Had Pepper Lunch. I think it’s the first time I ate there? I got Beef Pepper Lunch which was so freaking hot it burned my tongue. I mean they were proud of their sizzling plates for being able to retain heat for up to 20mins, but I didn’t think it would be this good? Or bad for me.

I had dessert at Krispy Kreme. Got iced Americano and Apple Pie Crumble donut? The donut was okay, not too sweet, not too apple pie-y either.

I have my period today so my abdomen’s kinda acting up. I wanted to get a massage but didn’t want to be out too long.

I’ve been spending so much money lately in anticipation of my husband’s bonus lol. I thought I could hold off on shopping but I get blinded by my multiple small purchases. I thought I wasn’t spending so much. Will deal with the pile later this week lol. Hopefully.

I’m really feeling very lazy today. I just want to finish watching Avatar, continue my KDrama, and maybe get 5 minutes of Kindle reading.