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I have four meetings tonight…

  1. One to get automation use cases.
  2. Another where I just listen in for the most part.
  3. A one-on-one with our solutions architect which happens monthly.
  4. And finally a meeting to discuss how we are to align our automation efforts in light of the recent reorg.

I’m scared for meeting #1 because even though I asked for this meeting, I’m not sure how I can help and if I can handle their requests at all. I was just being proactive looking for more work lol.

On top of that I’m suddenly busy with my other project because techops has completed my SP request so I have to work on the script quickly in order to have it tested by tomorrow.

Meeting #4 also makes me anxious because I seriously just wanna be told what to do and I might not have any valuable input when it comes to the governance side of things. Part of me wants all the requests to go to the other team, then assign some to me. That way I won’t have to look at the requirements so much and just focus on dev.

Oh well.

Let’s do this.