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How to survive on just one income

I told my husband last night that if I get fired he’ll be shouldering all our household liabilities in the meantime so we tried to compute how that’s gonna work and realized we’re not gonna be able to live as comfortably on his salary alone.

This is a reminder for us to adjust our standard of living.

Here’s how it works in our home. All of my earnings go to the household. Rent, parking, utilities, grocery, gym membership, gas, insurance, subscriptions, mortgage, financial support, emergency fund, stocks, and a sinking fund used for car and home maintenance. His earnings on the other hand, we split to ourselves as our personal allowance.

And it’s been great. Our allowance affords us to buy whatever we want. Normally we spend it on food, shopping, and recently on Koomi (which we didn’t expect cost a lot to maintain haha). We’re very comfortable this way. And if his salary increases, our allowance increases too.

However, I just realized that if one of us loses our job, we need to be able to live off on whoever’s income remains. If my husband loses his job, we’ll surely be able to live off of my income because it already pays for everything. We won’t have a personal allowance though, but that’s not a necessity anyway. It will be tight but at least our lifestyles won’t be compromised too much.

If I lose my job though, we need to reasses out budget and cut down on other stuff because he earns less. It’s gonna be difficult. We probably need to quit the gym, stop the financial support we give to my parents, reduce our grocery budget, and stop saving for a while. That’s gonna be so hard considering I couldn’t imagine lowering our standard of living lol. It’s not even like we live glamorously. We’re just comfortable, but not rich.

Oh well. I’m just getting anxious about possibly losing my job because I’m not doing much at work.

It’s frustrating because the whole reorg made everyone busy aligning their current teams, and I don’t belong in a team, so nobody really checks on me. Even the one who’s supposed to be my acting manager doesn’t seem to care. She’s probably too busy. I need to scour for work if I want to stay because nothing will get funneled to me without proper management. Everybody is doing their own thing and I have to keep myself busy. At least prior to the reorg, I had a manager and a team who can join me in calls and listen in to the request. But right now I have no one.

I hate that I have to be proactive because I usually never have to be because there’s always work waiting for me. But now, nadda! I’m scared.

Please pray for my job security.

I want to get a new car lol.