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Today: #ProjectKorra, swimming, and feeling lost at work

It’s the third day of the week and as usual, nothing productive going on at work. I was gonna fix the transition item I’m gonna turn over to Jay this week, but I got really lazy like I have zero motivation to work. My skills are gonna rust big time this way and if they decide to let me go and push me out in the wilderness, I’m gonna be doomed. I don’t think I’m ever gonna find a job that pays this well and lets me be lazy at times huhu.


↪ Back to playing badminton!

I’m back to playing badminton after an entire year. I didn’t realize it was the anniversary of my injury when I decided to go back to the court. I told everyone I’m just gonna play easy, and I loved every single second of it.

Nothing makes me sweat the way badminton does and it’s elating to be able to sweat this hard again. It’s been a fucking year of being a potato and it sucks.

↪ Regular swims

I’m trying to do regular swims lately, specifically when my husband is at the gym. I figured I didn’t want to sleep the entire noon that he’s gone so I decided to do something productive.

I’m also learning to use my watch better to track my swims. I realized that my heart rate shouldn’t matter as much as my SWOLF score under water so I’m willing to let go of that piece of data I thought was critical to my weight loss journey.

If I pause my watch whenever I take breaks I get more accurate results. I think it was designed that way. The workout report indicates the length of pause anyway so I think it counts for something.

↪ Our litol boy turned one!

Oh how time flies! I can’t believe he’s an adult now. He’s always gonna be our baby!

Cooked something special for him – tenderloin steak! Also added bokchoy and canned Carnilove Lamb and Wild boar. And as usual, boiled squash for firm poops.

This is him on his gotcha days… he was 3 months old!

And now this bugoy is one! 🤗

Stay healthy little boy!

↪ Reliving #ProjectKorra

Korra is my ultimate #fitnessgoal. I don’t care that she’s fictional but she’s how I aspire my body to be! I didn’t lose weight on our first week of dieting, in fact I gained weight! It baffles me real bad because I’ve been cutting down on food intake and limiting my salt and sugar consumption but the scale just won’t budge!

Maybe I should add more workout and water. Oh well! We’re on week two of eating exceptionally bland meals and we’re doing fine!