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Company went into another reorg which basically cut my load in half but also put me in a weird place in terms of reporting structure because I’m gonna be more alone now.

It used to be Jay and I in automation. We were both hired under Software Support Team. But we don’t do support work per se. We do RPA automations FOR the support team. So we’re developers in the Support Team.

There’s an existing automation team within the Software Development Team that we kindof joined somehow. At least informally. They used to develop stuff for the support team before they decided to get their own developers, which got us hired. They invite us to their meetings and we also coordinate with them a lot because they own the infra in which our automations would be deployed. So it only makes sense to have us on board. Again, informally.

This was a weird setup because we’re all developers working on the same products but we’re kindof scattered in different teams, different leaderships in the org chart. But they were nice enough to involve us and welcome us because they knew we were in a weird place and they wanted to help as much as they can. ♥

Now to the reorg. So there are developers in the Dev Team, and also developers in the Support team. And now they split the teams by LOB, which is essentially two teams. So there are now two dev teams in Dev Team, and two dev teams in Support team.

Jay and I are broken up and placed into separate LOBs and it sucks because we’re like floating within that new pool not knowing who to join. Much worse who to swim to. Some teams were big enough they still have company, but Jay and I are alone again!

By the way I’m writing this mostly to make it make sense for me, so if you’re reading this I apologize for the rambling hehe.

I really just don’t want to be alone as a developer.

What I really want to happen though, is to join the other developers within the same LOB. Be part of their scrum team. Leverage having a BA and probably a PM. Move to Software Development while still developing for support. Just so I could do away with the burden of gathering requirements, setting timelines, and pushing back on the scope. I would love to be part of Kristen’s team cos I feel like I could benefit from it both technically… and emotionally lol.

Kristen is the one who fostered us, the lost devs of support team 藍, and I wanna join them.

Worse case is I get to work alone and work on requirements alone which sucks and quite frankly scares the shit out of me huhu. Worse case? I get redundated because they finally realize they have enough developers in the first place? Oh gosh!!! I can’t lose this job cos I just emptied my savings buying appliance and furniture !!!

Also because of this reorg, I have fewer things to do. I have to transition most of my stuff to Jay. Which will definitely affect my performance. I don’t even know what to do now. Gosh.

Help me Lord! 