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Diet Day 3


Yesterday was hard for me because I got so tired from rehab and wasn’t able to eat for a while because I had to wait for Jeckie to fetch me and had to get Koomi on the way home from daycare. But as soon as we’re home I snacked up. We made sure to stock op on healthy options so we could easily reach for roasted peanuts, apples, and granola whenever we feel like it. I also had cheese, I munch on small amounts of keso de bola whenever I needed a salty boost.

For dinner we had boiled chicken breast and airfried brocolli and mushrooms. It was delicious! Magnolia chicken is delicious, it’s big and juicy and it went well with our veggies. I kept the stock for Koomi.

Basically everything we eat we can feed to Koomi which is why he’s been begging a lot these days…

Here he is under the dining table, looking at both of us at the same time 😂

Today I weighed in and was surprised to hit 160lbs. Yey for losing 1lb but also it could be water weight so I’m not too excited!

Day 3 dinner is boiled chicken and airfried carrots, baguio beans, and tomatoes.

We also had guzzler shake (frozen bananas, peanut butter, lettuce, and soymilk). I still munch on cheese and granola, but so far it’s been good.