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I’ve changed the layout again. I realized I didn’t need a sidebar because I couldn’t care less what I’m currently reading, and the recent posts is kindof redundant if you’re coming from the homepage. And it’s not like people would want to know what I’ve posted recently if they came from a specific landing page. So yeah, I just needed a search bar so I placed that with the footer.

What’s up lately?

I just made another big purchase, probably my last for this year cos it’s practically the last thing I can afford this time lol.

I finally bought a Dyson. A v12 submarine that has a mop attachment so I can finally eliminate the mop and bucket thing.

So far it’s been great. It vacuums better, feels lighter, and even though there’s a learning curve with using the mop, it’s still heaps better than having to haul a bucket of water around the house and scrub the floor for hardened dirt. My Dyson does that for me. Although it’s slower, because I have to go over one place over and over to soak it and scrub it, it takes less effort so I don’t find myself sweating after a cleaning session.

It basically made my cleaning experience less tiring.

But we’ll see in the long run. I bought a dock at Lazada that allows me to place it conveniently near the charger, where the attachments are easily accessible, and I’m loving it!

The fluffy floor brush with the laser feature is also very cool. It illuminates dust from the floor, making me clean more obsessively lol.

Aaand, because of this Dyson purchase, I got qualified for SMAC Prestige. Cool! Didn’t think I need the perks but thanks anyway!