A very personal blog

Major move

I finally decided to move The Blahger from Blogspot to WordPress.

Note to self: Start fixing at 2019

This was so messy and I must admit I kinda did it on a whim. I was actually encouraged by one of my latest youtube comments saying she found my vlog through one of my blog post and was feeling nostaglic about reading blogs because no one write blogs anymore. Everyone’s moved to other platforms. And that’s true.

So I decided I wanted to continue blogging at The Blahger.

And so I started. I created a new domain, installed WordPress, and updated the DNS. I imported all of my posts and so far…

  • I’m missing all of my comments lol
  • and all of my posts for 2004 haha
  • and some months from 2005 omg
  • and I’m also looking at each freaking post to fix the layout because the images aren’t wrapping properly urgh

Oh wait maybe I can fix that through CSS..

Anyway. I’m tired.

But welcome to my new home!

If you landed here from a search page and couldn’t find what you’re looking for, try the search bar cos the links are probably messed up and Google hasn’t started reindexing yet 😊.