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Today: How do you manage screen time for yourself?

Daily writing prompt
How do you manage screen time for yourself?

Oh I don’t. And I need help. Last night, I promised to sleep as soon as I got in bed. Unfortunately, I found myself doom scrolling right after I set my morning alarms, next thing I know an hour as passed and my head is starting to hurt. And yet I couldn’t stop scrolling. Later on I’d find myself bending over the toilet puking out my last meal. It’s horrible.


Today is a Monday. I woke up late which means we went to the grocery late, and in effect drove to the office late. I don’t really mind. BUT. I’ve got a really bad headache for days now, coupled with a bad dry cough, and when I got to the office I realized I have my period already. Argh. I didn’t have any napkin or cup with me so I had to go down to buy some emergency pads, and walk to my car to take a pain reliever.

I hate that I’m not feeling good right now cos I promised myself I’d have a productive Monday. I had significant progress on my script last week so I wanted to continue that. But goodness my head just fucking hurts and my dysmenorreah is making it worse argh.

PS: Now my eyes are hurting too. I feel like I need to have my glasses adjusted.