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New shoes!

First of the many gifts I intend to give myself on my birth month.

Been wanting to replace my rubber shoes for a while now but I couldn’t find a style I liked from Skechers. I wanted something similar to what I used to have, machine washable, and easy to put on. I’ve tried on different styles, went to Megamall, Podium, and Estancia to look but it’s either it fits weird or not available in my size.

After my rehab yesterday at Shang I tried checking at Rustan’s if they carry Skechers and lo and behold they do! In about 10 minutes I found the perfect shoes and in no time I’m out with a style I love in a size that’s perfect for me. Gotta love Rustan’s! It’s one of those expensive department stores I never go to unless they have something specific that I want.

I don’t know if there’s a psychology in high-end department stores but most of the time when I want something brand specific and they have it, it doesn’t take me weeks to mull over it. I get is as soon I see it. That’s the case when I got my Corelle plates, Tefal cookware, Doughnut Bag, and just now my new pair of shoes.

SM Store also carries all of those brands but for some reason, I always end up not getting from them. Maybe because there’s too much variety and I get paralyzed with choices? Like I want to rest my head and consider my options and come back for it later? Rustan’s doesn’t carry a whole warehouse of items so maybe that’s why I’m more focused when I’m there? Oooor, it could be that the range that SM carries is too wide. Like on one corner you have expensive Corelle plates and next to it you have cheap ceramic ones that look alike so your head goes, huh do I really want a 800 peso saucer when it sits right next to an 80 peso one? Haha idk. And you go back to Rustan’s and every where you look it’s expensive so it doesn’t matter what you get they’re all gonna break bank so might as well get what you want. Haha does that make sense.

I don’t know. Whatever it is. It works.

Happy birth month to me!