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What is up

I really need to frkn work on my Youtube backlogs. My earnings are dwindling.

Had a fun birthday staycation at Tagaytay. First time to bring Koomi this far so we were a bit apprehensive. Packed a lot of stuff. Had to bring a cart with us. Normally we just bring 2 backpacks with us.

Koomi takes 2 bags because of his food. We also brought a lot of snacks because we know Tagaytay sleeps early and we eat late.

It was so tiring though. I drove to and from, thankfully we always travel at midnight so there’s less traffic. Thank God we had a safe ride!

I reached 10k steps on Friday can you believe it. It’s the first time I walked this much since my surgery. I think it’s because I used a lot of stairs and I still couldn’t do one step at a time so that counts a lot (literally).

We ate twice at Lime and Basil. Friday lunch and Saturday lunch. The latter being with friends. It’s a really good Thai resto. Love the food, specifically the Tom Yum Goong, Bagoong Rice, and Salted Egg Fried Chicken. So so good! The ambience is beautiful as well, lots of open spaces, and it’s pet friendly too so it’s perfect.

Met with Jec’s friends and his godson. I think they indirectly answered one of my long time questions about being a god parent which is – do I have to be a ninang to my husbands inaanak as well? We were already married when they asked my husband to be a godfather. The answer was made clear when they referred to us as ninong and tita in front of their child. Too clear actually cos they kept introducing us to the child, you know – the way parents would teach their child a new word – so I also felt like I’m being put in my place over and over lol. But I also know they just want the kid to know his ninong. While making the distinction that I’m not the ninang lol. No biggie. They treated us lunch at Lime and Basil, let us shower Koomi when he got filthy playing with Bingsu, and served us delicious ice cream and coffee. I love them, they’re very good hosts. And I love Yohan, he’s such a cutie!

You know I have a bias with kids, they’re normally not cute for me unless they act stupid or if I like their parents. Haha.

Wishlist update

Because my wishlist is expanding disproportionately to my wallet I figured I’d just blog about. So far that has been effective in curbing my shopping impulse, see I don’t have a Dyson yet hehe

I want a new fitness tracker. I don’t trust my Fitbit Inspire 2 anymore. Battery drains fast and it syncs slow. I’m eyeing the Amazfit GTS 4 Mini or the Garmin Lily, whichever has better reviews. Personally I like how the Lily looks more but they say the Amazfit has a really good battery life and it’s roughly the size of an Apple Watch SE. If only Apple would work on the battery life it would’ve been my first choice. But still, I’m apprehensive about the watch size I want something small.

I want a tempur pillow. Or a memory foam topper. Whatever helps me sleep better and wake up without backaches.

I still want a new car but I’m just dreaming for now hehe.

Finally, I want a piano. I’m looking at the Casiotone CT-S300 but I still need to think about where to place it at home. I miss learning to play the piano. And Casiotone looks really cute. Hehe

I want to make a more profound birthday post but I just don’t have anything sensible to say haha. It’s a happy 33rd though! Celebrated with my two families, and also had a lovely staycation with my husband and Koomi. My heart is full. ♥