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Topics I would like to be more informed about

Topics I would like to be more informed about

Daily writing prompt
Which topics would you like to be more informed about?

I hate to admit it, but I always like to be informed about local celebrity news, tsismis as we call it. The challenge of solving blind items and the shocking revelations lol. Very tabloid. And I’m a sucker for it. The varying degrees of opinion people dish out, formed around inconsequential interactions between a celebrity and a devotee – absolutely entertaining. But really it’s because that’s as much as my puny brain can handle haha.

On a more serious note… I’d love to be more informed about

  • Hold on I need more time to think
  • Seems like nothing interests me that much
  • My feed is already saturated with all forms of stupidity I did not consent to be informed
  • So maybe I want to be more informed about health and fitness? Workout prompts, recipes and stuff
  • Okay I’ll get back to this post when I figure it out lol

I’m back and I know now… looking back at the days when I would devour my Quora email digest with curated content on random topics, here are the areas I always find interesting…

  • Psychology – specifically behavioral
  • Physics, engineering, and architecture – I love learning about how certain things are designed the way they are
  • Origin of things – specifically words or sayings. For example, honeymoon. Why is it called honeymoon, what’s with honey and moon and why was it used to describe newlywed bliss? My husband and I used to collect words like that and make up stories guessing its origin. The closest answer gets a virtual point hehe. I’ve made a list actually!
    • Cliffhanger
    • Soapbox
    • Blockbuster
    • Third wheel
    • Dry spell
    • Under the bus
    • Half-assed
    • Etc.

^ There’s more but I think I’m gonna make a separate post for that! 😄