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Some days I just want to be a housewife

We finally have a living room ♥ You know what, ever since we moved in to a bigger unit, I got lazier at work. Actually, ever since Koomi came into our lives I found myself getting lazier at work. It used to be that my priority in life is just my husband, my work, and the house. And so far I’ve been able to live happily around maintaining that status quo. I love our marriage, I’m doing okay at work, and the house is functional and clean most of the time.

But everything changed when Koomi arrived. A dog is a different kind of priority which doesn’t fall into any of those three. It’s major work keeping a dog alive and happy, while on the other hand it just keeps us happy. Weeeell, just 80% of the time he’s up; the 20% that gets me frustrated is getting waken up in the middle of our sleep when he growls for absolutely no reason. So it’s not all rainbows and butterflies having a cute dog around, it’s compromise that moves us along. Damn, Adam was right.

So you see because of Koomi our house became dirtier. In our previous unit, we potty trained him in the balcony so we have to keep going in an out of the house, dirtying our slippers. And you know frenchies salivate soooo much, Koomi’s mouth leaves a wet mark on the floor every time he sprawls down. Then he gets up and walks over it, and we walk over it, and the floor gets grubbier each day. Which means I have to clean more often. And because Koomi has taken over what little space we have left in the house, we decided it’s time for us to upgrade.

It’s been a dream of ours to move into a bigger unit ever since we started working from home more frequently. But if it hadn’t been for Koomi, if he hadn’t burdened us so much in our small home, we wouldn’t have felt the urgency to move out. So uhh, thanks dog?

So now in a bigger, better, more beautiful home I find myself wanting to just forget about work and just take care of the household full time. Why? Because it’s so satisfying seeing the house clean, the dog full, and my husband happy. So much so that I’m forgetting about work. Seems like I can only properly devote myself to three things, and work is getting pushed out of the equation.

Some days I just want to be a housewife.