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Today: What’s your #1 priority tomorrow?

Today: What’s your #1 priority tomorrow?

Daily writing prompt
What’s your #1 priority tomorrow?

Okay this was the prompt for Thursday but I decided to put off on writing about it, so I’m doing it now! Friday’s priority should’ve been work but as usual, I’m delaying doing any form of actual work because I’m afraid of work. Yeah.

So tomorrow* is a Saturday and the only major thing Jeckie and I had planned is to eat dinner at James & Daughters because they have a special Spanish comfort food menu and we’re very excited about it.

James & Daughters is one of our favorite favorite restaurants. We love to eat and discover new restaurants within the area and this is one of those restos that really struck us. When we first sighted it a few years back, we were confused about its menu filled with random dishes. I didn’t know what to order, it was kindof overwhelming. There’s Filipino, Chinese, Indonesian, etc. Apparently it’s a collection of the founding family’s favorite dishes from their travels.

I remember my first dish being Tuna Kilawin and it really made a huge impression on me. It was so delicious, it has coconut milk which is unusual for kilawin but that’s exactly what elevated it. Since then we’ve been coming back to explore more of their menu and we were almost never disappointed.

My current favorites aside from Tuna Kilawin is the Seared Tuna Togarashi, and Crispy Tadyang (used to be Wagyu). Their dishes are flavorful, natural, full of texture, and the plating is spot-on.

Last week when we dined there we got to talk with their super friendly owner, Miles (one of the daughters!), who was so entertaining. She just went to our table and asked how we’re doing. Next thing we know we’re exchanging restaurant recommendations and flailing over the fact that we’re from the same province. Kaya pala magayonon kaming duwa! 🤣

She had stories from when they were starting out, how they’re holding up being surrounded by The Bistro Group, how they avoid imports to support local farmers, maintaining an inventory that’s more than 90% locally sourced; even the plates are locally made! I was touched, to say the least, by the passion, the heart. It’s so cheesy but there’s really no way to describe it haha.

It’s always an experience hearing people talk about something they love so passionately. The story behind the menu and the heart they put into every dish makes me love James & Daughters even more. ♥

📍 James & Daughters is at G/F East Wing, Estancia Capitol Commons.

* it is technically Saturday but my day hasn’t ended so therefore it’s still Friday haha