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Today: Your life without a computer: what does it look like?

Daily writing prompt
Your life without a computer: what does it look like?

Oh my goodness as someone who works in IT I’d be dead meat for sure. All of the skills that would make me money depends on me working on a desktop so as far as getting a good paying job, I know I don’t stand a chance lol.

I’d probably look for a service industry job like a barista or a fast food crew to make ends meet haha. And my husband, if he’s in the same nightmare would probably be in the sports and fitness industry? Maybe he’d try coaching badminton or train as a gym coach or whatever. Yeah, that looks sweet. He’ll be in the gym and I’ll be in a cafe haha. Just our favorite places, would you believe it? But poor, yes. We’ll be poor haha. Our dog will suffer.

But as for how my daily life would probably go without a computer… there was actually a time in my life I didn’t rely on one, and that time is called my childhood haha. Guess I’m too old for this question cos I can totally imagine it!

I’d read more books, draw more, go out in the sun more, watch TV more. But of course without my high paying IT job I probably won’t have time for leisure and would be working all day, on a regular shift that I hate, and be back home all tired and spent. I’d probably hate drinking coffee now that I’m making it for a small living. Oh well.

Great question! It was fun imagining.