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Year: 2021

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    What’s up in bullets

    ✱ Work. Hay. I’m feeling super duper tired from work. There’s just too many things to do and they’re piling up uncontrollably on my lap! I can’t seem to be able to finish a project lately and it feels bad. Well, I haven’t been feeling so good about work lately and it’s already feedback season…

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  • Life Lately

    Heya. Thought I’d write something before my mind gets scrambled even more today. I have so much going on at work and I’m feeling very very overwhelmed. Sometimes I wanna blame myself for procrastinating too much, but at this point I have no other choice but to hammer on. If only I could put a…

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    Hala sya

    What the heck, I forgot I was supposed to attend this Communicating with Impact workshop my boss signed me up for. To be honest, I really forgot about it. It didn’t help that I may have accidentally ignored the calendar reminder because uhm, force of habit. Anyway, it’s a frkn 4-hour class with lots of…

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    Life lately

    ✱ Reading The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue I’m 17% in and loving it so far. The writing is very captivating, poetic almost, and has an otherworldly charm to it. I’m excited it to know how Addie’s life unfolds with everything she’s been through in the first few chapters of the book. ✱ WatchingJeckie and I…

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  • Claiming my confiscated driver’s license at Manila City Hall

    June 18 (Friday) – I got caught entering the PUV lane at Taft ave. entering Lagusnilad. It was our first time in this part of Manila, it was night time as well, and Waze told us to keep left on the road. It was an honest mistake, I didn’t notice the sign, so yeah my bad.…

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    My goodness this week was so frkn mentally exhausting. I can’t remember the last time I did focused work for five weekdays straight. I CAN’T. Hopefully this is all temporary. I didn’t work so hard to still work hard at this point in my career haha. You know what I mean??? I worked my way…

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