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Life Lately

Heya. Thought I’d write something before my mind gets scrambled even more today. I have so much going on at work and I’m feeling very very overwhelmed. Sometimes I wanna blame myself for procrastinating too much, but at this point I have no other choice but to hammer on. If only I could put a stopper on any new tasks until I’ve finished everything that’s on my plate right now. That would be awesome. But oh well. 

✱ Reading
I’m around 30% with The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue and finally, finally, it’s starting to pick up.

✱ Watching
Naruto with my husband and The Circle on my downtime.

✱ Listening
To nothing.

✱ Thinking
About how saddening it is that we now celebrate our selves more than we celebrate God’s goodness in our lives. I’m appalled at the rate at which our society is turning more and more individualistic, putting one’s self above everything else. It’s a sneaky way to slowly remove God in our society.

It all sounds so good… loving yourself, taking care of your body, accepting your flaws, prioritizing your mental health, etc. etc. and they’re all valid. But without the intention of honoring God, it’s all self-serving and the happiness it brings can only be fleeting. You become tied in an endless pursuit of self-gratificaton, until you realize that it’s useless pursuing things in this world. Material posessions, validation from others, nothing matters when you die. Things get lost, memories are forgotten. I always remind myself not to get too caught up in this world, and it’s a daily struggle. And that’s why we pray.

✱ Smelling

✱ Wishing

To get vaccinated already. Whatever brand. Even though I prefer Pfizer or Moderna, I can’t be choosy now when the virus is mutating faster than the rate at which we’re being inoculated.

I’ve re-registered at MandaVax…
Also registered at Makati under A4 category…
I’m also waiting for a schedule with my husband’s company… 
And patiently awaiting for our own company as well.. if they even have plans on jabbing us.

So much for going back to the new office. I really wanna start working there because this girl needs her dual monitor setup so so badly. Like hell I’m about to embark on a project that requires multiple screens. I’m bad at multitasking but multiple monitors make me seem like one hahaha please Lord pleeeaase

✱ Wearing
My regular wfh garb which is v-neck shirt and relaco shorts from Uniqlo. 

✱ Loving

My new office chair. I got the one in the middle – in black. It’s ErgoHome’s Ventus Midback chair. My wish is really my command haha. Thank you Lord at least now I can sit at the proper height without the armrests hitting the table hehe.

✱ Wanting

For everything to be back to normal na but that’s a reach no? At least bring back restaurant dine-in haha. Jeckie was upset we couldn’t eat outside during the weekend so we cooked steak at home na lang. Ang gastos namin sa food lol.

✱ Needing

To manage my projects and time more efficiently. It seems like I’m always drowning in work. Gusto ko na sumuko argh. Tapos may sisingit na mandatories on how to communicate with impact, manage your priorities, and be a good leader in general blah blah blah. Ironic how it’s exactly what I need to learn right now but hindi ko sya priority cos I’m hella swamped. Hahahuhu #PaanoNa

✱ Feeling
So freaking tired from work. Please pray for my sanity.