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Keep safe goys

It’s signal no. 3 here in Metro Manila and the wind is getting crazier as the night pushes on. I thought typhoon Rolly had the most violent winds because it got out Century Bob shaking and our CR vent covers levitating. But this is much worse. We couldn’t feel it so much inside the unit because the wind is slapping at the other side of the building but heck when we opened the main door, which was facing the wind, I couldn’t freaking close it because of the pressure!

Power fluctuated around 4x, then the alarm blared off followed by an incomprehensible PA (I got the part where we’re not allowed to use the elevators, but I’m not sure if it was an evacuation notice lol), and then yeah as expected power went down. Only for a couple of minutes though so thank God. I’m not sure if we’re running on gensets right now but the hallways are lit so maybe not?

I hope everyone’s safe and doing okay, sheltered at least from this raging typhoon. I usually enjoy rainy moods like this but when everything is intensified 5x and then you add the relentless grunting of the generators nearby, the hot-choco mood turns into hide-under-the-sheets mood real quick. 

Oh well, nothing’s keeping me from making instant noodles so I’ll beat it.

Keep safe and let’s all pray for this to be over soon!