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Thoughts that came out too long for Twitter but too short for a one shot, so here they are:

❆ I’m getting a lot of site optimization offers from random digital marketers lately. All of them say the same things about my site: slow loading, unoptimized images, low index, blah blah blah basically your site sucks, so hire us. Their diagnoses, at this point, all sound templated to me, and I often wonder how they even arrived at my page in the first place if it weren’t at least ranking for something. So ironic. So yeah, spam you go. Though of course, I admit that this site is terribly slow, unoptimized, has a lot of dead links here and there, and has a bunch of garbage code, sure. But nah, I won’t get it fixed by them random emailers. How do they even find sites like mine anyway?

❆ Anyway haha. Let’s talk about Miss U Philippines and all the controversy around it. General consensus is that QC is an unprofessional loser, and Taguig is a tea-baiting bitch who also can’t accept defeat gracefully. Their defense? Alleged cheating, unfairness, and also vague statements of “hearing something I shouldn’t have heard” that’s horribly “devastating”. Urgh, what a blur these two. To be honest, isn’t it already an open secret that nobody ever really wins fairly in beauty pageants? Especially one that’s majorly sponsored by an illicit politician? I wonder what they’re griping about. Are they so pure to not know? Too blinded by idealism? If they’re so sincere about changing the world and being real advocates of whatever if it is they’re publicly fighting for, they should’ve known better than to join Miss U. Beauty pageants are a joke to real feminism. Who are you empowering really, apart from yourselves.