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[Review] Xiaomi BeBird M9 Pro Smart Ear Cleaning Stick

Heya! Here’s a review of yet another Xiaomi product (yeah, big fan), this time an ENDOSCOPIC EAR CLEANING STICK! Might be disgusting to some of you but we all know how satisfying it is to watch big lumps of hardened dust and earwax being taken out of our unsuspecting ears. Well, here’s just the product for that:

If you don’t like reading, I hope you appreciate this video version I uploaded on Youtube. Don’t forget to like and subscribe!

Alright, on to the blabber:

Product is packaged nicely and simply, which is classic Xiaomi. Box contains English user manual, and a couple of ear cleaning accessories. The metallic black unit sits right below the packet of paperwork, and it looks so pretty.

So there are two parts to the main product: the round base with the USB charging cable attached, and the ear cleaning stick which is with a metal cap.

The body looks and feels great, thanks to the color and the metallic build. It looks like an expensive pen.
The charging base, which also works as a dock and a storage compartment for accessories looks really good too. Only thing is the USB charger is attached to it, so in case it snaps off I wouldn’t know how to fix it.
You can unscrew the top part of the base to reveal this compartment containing 10 other cleaning attachments that you can use in rotation, or assign to family members if a lot of you will be using. Smart design right? 
Personally I only use the standard spoon that’s attached to the stick. I don’t even know if I’ll ever get the chance to use all of these hehe.
To start using the tool you have to download the BeBird app and connect the M9 pro to it via wifi. Step by step is included in my video here: https://youtu.be/7bdcWCnzmSM?t=140 (it’s a link to a specific part of the video)
Once you’re good you’ll be able to finally see inside your ears! Of course with the M9 pro poked inside. I’d say the camera quality of this product is good. It’s not super HD, but it’s enough to see the parts you’re supposed to clean. You can take photos and record videos using this one too.
I also found it useful in capturing my pimple popping sessions with my husband hahaha. I use it as a micro camera to focus on those little mounds of whiteheads.
It’s so freaking fun!
I’d like it to be more HD though but I really couldn’t complain. I’m satisfied with how it works and it has truly made ear cleaning more enjoyable!
I got this from Shopee PH for around ₱1,500.