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Oh dip


Just when I got so proud of myself for cleaning up the messy wiring on my desk, I get a BSOD first thing at work on Monday! Yey! I was so ready to be productive this week but somehow something just gets messed up. What heck right?

So apparently my Windows boot config got screwed up. Virus maybe? I tried fixing it to the best of my ability, of course with the supervision of our local IT support. The solution they gave me requires me to have a boot disk handy but I don’t have that since I’m just a user lol. The USB installation media kit is probably with our desktop eng’g team. The solution has to do with rebooting using the Windows installer and accessing the Startup Repair option from there. Ideally it should scan the machine and fill in the missing startup files. But yeah, I don’t have a boot disk.

Then I had the genius idea of creating my own USB installation media kit from my personal laptop. I knew I had one hidden somewhere but I guess I lost it so yeah, I decided to make my own. It took a few google searches, a spare 8gb flash disk, and give or take 2 hours for the USB media kit to be completed. Finally I have aWin10Home USB installer with me.

Right. So the plan was to boot into the USB installer and hope that the Startup Repair will work. I thought that maybe, just maybe, the BCD (boot config data) of Win10 Home and Win10 Enterprise are the same. So after a few minutes on the “Attempting repairs” screen, it failed.

Hahaha sorry that was anti-climactic. So yeah, I’m sending my laptop back to the office in exchange of a loaner. Hopefully it gets picked up asap cos I’m so friggin unproductive working on a Citrix frkn web environment. Damnit.

Also if my machine can’t be repaired I’m looking at losing 3 years worth of valuable notes! All my meeting, and walkthrough notes, server names, credentials, and everything. All lost!

But thank God it’s not so bad. Friday last week I was able to deploy a robot to a remote machine so imagine if I was a workday late in accomplishing that task I would have to repeat the entire development! Graaarr. We should really rethink our backup and versioning protocols. Argh.

So right now I have no choice but to work using my personal laptop and connect to firm network using Citrix. I don’t like it but I have to carry on. What’s worse is that my laptop has a busted fan so I have to work with the AC on because it overheats so very damn easily. Even with an electric fan pointed at it. Hayy.

Yeah so that’s it. Hope you’re all holding up well. 🙂